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Lone Star 912 Mission Statement
"To support Texas 912 owners and provide fun activities for everyone to enjoy."

Update from Morrie on 4/13/2018:
We have migrated to a new domain (lonestar912.org) and a new web host. This has necessitated reformating and uploading of data from the old site to the new one, which is taking some time. Please be patient while the old content is restored. First priority has been the technical data archive, which is now more extensive than ever before, so please take a look and use what you need. The new hosting service is going to cost us about $35.00 a year, so any donations you feel you would like to make are appreciated, and will now go against the hosting. We are paid for 10 years now on the domain, so that part is covered thanks to everyone's help. I will post updates here as they come along. Meanwhile, enjoy what is here and keep checking back for more!

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