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"The Hand Brake Light"

Intermittent Hand Brake Light

Posted by ron69912t on 09-19-2003 11:38 AM:

The hand brake light would come on and go off during driving.
The hand brake lever was down and the pressure switch on the master cylinder checked as open when I jacked up the car to get at it.

I replaced the hand brake lever switch with no improvement. Checked the wires for a short to ground, all were OK. Finally decided to replace the pressure warning switch on the master cylinder. That fixed the light problem, the old pressure loss switch was intermittent, came on especially over bumps!

It was full of crud too.

RonD 69-912T

Hand Brake Light Intensity

Posted by craign on 09-24-2003 01:57 PM:

If your e-brake light increases in intensity with increased tension (pulling) on the hand brake, clean the contact in the hand brake assy.
Of course I almost thought about keeping this one as a variable brightness e-brake light was kinda cool......


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